Professional Care and Treatment for a Sports Injury in Alderley Edge

Sports Injury in Alderley EdgeA sports injury in Alderley Edge can be so painful you may think your athletic endeavours have come to an abrupt end. For the rest of your life you will never play another game of soccer or tennis. Future winters will be spent in front of the TV instead of on the slopes. No more Boogie Boards for you behind a speedboat. No, your aquatic future is in a 5hp no-wake fishing boat with a limp line dangling in the river. Your Olympic dreams of ice dancing, volleyball and gymnastics are trashed forever. No, Tai Chi is not an Olympic sport. Who knew body parts could tear that fast and with such blinding searing pain. The physiotherapists at John Griffiths know your pain and empathise.

We also know your body will heal and we’re here to help the healing process along, prevent re-injury and relieve some of your pain. For most in Alderley Edge, sports injury therapy with our specialists will ease you back into using the injured area again. We then gradually work with you to help you regain the strength. If you pamper the injured area too much and resort to pain pills and time, you are not likely to regain full use of the muscles, joints and tendons. The area will remain weak and susceptible to reinjury. We do not take the place of your doctors or surgeons. Always see a physician first. When you are ready, your physician will direct you to physical therapy.

Our staff of specialist physiotherapists treating a sports injury in Alderley Edge will prepare a course of treatment designed specifically for you.  Each are highly experienced experts in their individual specialities. Your treatment may also include massage, manipulation, hydrotherapy, cutting edge laser treatments. When you are ready, you will have the free use of our onsite rehabilitation gym along with a safe strength-training regimen. We want to make it easy for you to keep your therapy appointments so we can book early morning and evening appointments as well a regular daytime hours.  When you’re ready to work your way back into the game, contact John Griffiths Physiotherapy. We can direct your therapy so you can achieve your goal.

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