Whiplash in Gawsworth

Whiplash in GawsworthNo two people experience whiplash in Gawsworth the same. Injuries, lingering discomfort, degree of pain and healing time are personal. The forceful throwing back and forth of the head can damage the spinal bones and disks, muscles, ligaments, nerves and delicate connecting tissues of the neck. Some people recover quickly, others after a long period of time and still others may feel lasting effects for years. A victim of whiplash may experience reduced motion in their neck or frequent headaches indefinitely. The condition can be very serious and the after effects need to be given proper follow up care for the best possible long-term outcome. At first, patients will have their neck immobilised and be given painkillers until injuries have healed.

After the body has healed itself there may still be headache, neck stiffness and weakness, shoulder pain during activity and reduced range of motion. For those affected in Gawsworth, whiplash may be the result of a rear-end auto collision, sports activities or other physical altercation. Healing can take weeks. We at John Griffiths Physiotherapy are very familiar with the lingering effects of whiplash. We have strategies and techniques administered by our professional physiotherapists that can relieve the stiffness and pain and improve range of motion. We can help you build back the lost muscle strength and flexibility. We begin with a careful assessment of your condition and then personalise a treatment plan and schedule that will provide the most benefits.

Our treatment for whiplash in Gawsworth may include hands-on therapy such as massage and manipulation. Laser therapy can be highly beneficial because it stimulates the body’s own healing properties essentially doubling the treatment effects. We may prescribe certain exercises you should do between sessions on your own to strengthen and stretch tight muscles and ligaments. There may be some activities we’ll ask you to give up for a time, until your condition improves. Those would be any activities that might further the damage already done. Contact us and schedule a consultation for follow up physical therapy after a whiplash injury.  Most of our patients begin to feel better right away and a few weeks of sessions may be all that’s needed for full recovery.

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