Foot Care Specialist in Chelford

Foot Care Specialist in ChelfordA foot care specialist in Chelford can help you overcome many foot-related ailments. At John Griffiths Physiotherapy, we specialise in the care and treatment of foot ailments. Our organisation has a team of experienced treatment professionals based out of Macclesfield Town Centre. We serve and treat people of all ages including the elderly and small children. Each team member specialises in a specific domain of physiotherapy. This helps us address and treat a wide range of foot ailments. Our staff consists of both female and male physiotherapists. Using a practical and common-sense approach to therapy, we can help you feel better. Our team uses a hands-on approach with research-backed techniques in physiotherapy. These treatments include hydrotherapy, onsite rehabilitation at our gym, shockwave therapy and laser therapy.

If you’re suffering from foot-related problems in Chelford, a foot care specialist can definitely help. For your convenience, we offer morning, daytime and evening appointments. You can conveniently park your vehicle near our premises. Our chiropody and podiatry services will treat a wide range of conditions such as verrucae, ingrown toenails, calluses, corns and hard skin, and simple nail ailments. We can also provide a gait and biomechanics analysis. Our podiatry and chiropody services can give you much relief from painful foot conditions. We can help you gain complete mobility and resume a pain-free life once more. Some of our treatments require regular treatment or ongoing management while others can be helped with a one-off procedure. Our team members are extremely skilled and qualified. They are members of the State Registered Chiropodist. They’re also members of the Society for Podiatrists and Chiropodists.

If you’re suffering from a painful corn, bunion or plantar fasciitis, a foot care specialist in Chelford can definitely help. Contact John Griffiths Physiotherapy today when you need the expert services of a foot care specialist. We also provide a range of complementary therapies such as medical acupuncture, Alexander technique, physio pilates, clinical hypnotherapy, sports massage and cognitive behavioural therapy. With treatment from a foot care specialist, you can regain a happy and pain-free life.

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