Back Pain in Sutton

Back Pain in SuttonNo need to suffer back pain in Sutton! At John Griffiths Physiotherapy, our team of experts can analyse, diagnose and treat a variety of conditions including back pain. We work with people across the age spectrum, ranging from children to the elderly. Our team of highly trained, qualified, experienced, male and female therapists have specialised in different areas of the field. That is why we are able to provide the most accurate and effective treatment without wasting time or causing patients to endure prolonged pain and suffering. We tailor our programs to your individual profile, age, requirements and preferences. This approach is a much more beneficial one compared to other facilities which rely on a one-size-fits-all regimen.

Today’s modern lifestyle, sedentary working habits and busy schedules leave very little time for ensuring enough exercise and healthy living. In Sutton, back pain may arise from a variety of reasons and develop over a long period of time. It can also be the result of a sudden movement, acute trauma or accident. Whatever the reason, what’s important is how one deals with it. Some patients choose to ignore it, hoping that the problem will simply go away by itself. Others use over the counter medications that may provide temporary relief. Statistics show that nearly 3 million people across the country take time off from work due to back pain every year. Doctors may recommend a range of treatments that include topical application or oral consumption of pain relievers, rest or in extreme cases, surgery. However, in most cases, back pain can be effectively treated with the right kind of physiotherapy.

There are several different types of back pain in Sutton. Patients may report localised pain in the lower back, or radiating pain across the lower back, hips, legs, feet or referred pain that arises in the back but is felt in another part of the body like the legs. Usually, lifestyle factors are to blame – lack of exercise, sitting in one position for long hours, improper bending or lifting, and physiological factors. If you are suffering from back pain, contact John Griffiths Physiotherapy. Early intervention helps to decrease the pain and help you resume your normal lifestyle without back pain.

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