Medical Acupuncture in Wilmslow

Medical Acupuncture in WilmslowMedical acupuncture in Wilmslow is one of the effective treatments we make available at John Griffiths Physiotherapy. We use the term, medical acupuncture, because it should only be administered by a medical practitioner skilled in this ancient medical art. In the hands of a skilled practitioner, acupuncture can relieve pain and promote healing. Needling the receptive acupuncture points stimulates the nervous system. That stimulation causes the release of chemicals throughout the brain, spinal cord and muscles. That is the natural healing ability of the body and promotes physical as well as emotional well-being. It’s a valuable tool we use at our clinic to help our patients manage pain and heal. Usually the first question we get is “does it hurt?”. The needles are so very fine and Greg is so skilled, you may not feel them go in at all. The most you could expect is a deep down twitch.

The practice of acupuncture encourages the body’s’ natural healing capabilities. In Wilmslow, medical acupuncture benefits result from inserting needles and applying heat at the precise acupuncture points. The word, acupuncture, is from the Latin which translates to mean “inserting needles”. Our medical acupuncturist is a GP with a diploma in Medical Acupuncture. His practice is regulated by the General Medical Council. This is a safe therapy and highly effective for many for whom other therapies have failed. Some who want to break their reliance on pain relievers find that medical acupuncture is the key that works. It’s a safe, non-addictive alternative or effective in combination with other therapies.

At John Griffiths Physiotherapy, medical acupuncture in Wilmslow helps us achieve for our clients their goal of pain relief and healing.  Acupuncture has proven effective for many experiencing joint pain or neck and back pain. It’s often used to combat the blinding pain of migraine headaches. However, because acupuncture also impacts organs and emotions and influences hormones and nerves it’s effective against other conditions unrelated to muscle or joint injuries. Some common but unpleasant conditions we treat with acupuncture are allergies, sinusitis, eczema irritable bowel syndrome and irritable bladder. Contact us and schedule a consultation. Discover if medical acupuncture will relieve your particular discomfort and anxiety.

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