Sports Injury in Chelford

Sports Injury in ChelfordA sports injury in Chelford can quickly turn into a permanent ailment if it’s not looked after by the right doctor. Athletes, both professional and amateur, are prone to sports injuries. These often occur through repetitive use of certain muscle groups used in that particular sport. For instance, tennis players are prone to wrist related injuries, golfers often experience lower back pains, and runners are susceptible to knee injuries. At John Griffiths, we treat athletes who come to us with such injuries. Unfortunately, when they first occur they’re often ignored as they affect a small part of the body. It’s only when the range of motion or how the sport is played is affected, that many seek treatment. Do not make this mistake. What you perceive as a minor backache might actually be a slipped disc which can only be treated by a doctor or medical professional.

If you’re an athlete in Chelford, sports injury therapy and treatment is only a phone call away. At John Griffiths, we endeavour to provide a personalised treatment plan. When you arrive for your first consultation, we will conduct a thorough assessment to ascertain the extent of the problem or injury within the context of how you live. This may be done by asking you to walk or run and even get up from a supine position. We feel this is the best way to determine what’s going on. While checking for physical concerns, we’ll also try to determine if there is something going on medically. Please keep in mind, some concerns cannot be resolved in a single session and some are not curable. Physiotherapy can eliminate the need for surgery. There are certain injuries that require lifelong treatment to manage symptoms.

Now you can seek immediate relief for a sports injury in Chelford. If you need help for a sports injury, old or new, contact John Griffiths Physiotherapy and book a consultation with one of our experts. We treat sports injuries, problems with your back and neck. We also treat issues related to your cardiovascular, neuromuscular, respiratory and musculoskeletal health. Don’t ignore your sports injury and have it seen to by our experts.

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