Physio in Cheadle

Physio in CheadlePhysio in Cheadle brings results at John Griffiths Physiotherapy. We are a small select group of providers, each with a complete understanding of how our overall body strengthens and heals itself with the aid of physical therapy. Each member of our team also has his or her own speciality. We each have our own kind of enthusiasm for a specific therapy which boosts our expertise in that particular area. Unlike some clinics, we don’t just treat athletes, or those recovering from joint replacements. We treat every age group, including children, the elderly and all in between. Each age group requires a special touch. Children’s bones and muscles are still growing and fusing while the elderly are losing muscle strength and bones may be thinning.

We can help each age group achieve their maximum comfort with specialised therapy specifically for them. For those middle age groups in Cheadle, physio provides the benefits of minimising pain and accelerating healing to many who are otherwise healthy. Our therapists take the treatment opportunity to teach patients techniques to avoid future injuries. The initial evaluation may reveal habits and behaviours that contribute to discomfort without awareness. Correcting those behaviours can save all age groups pain and extend currently limited flexibility. We provide a safe environment with effective therapies that aid healing at the right pace for each individual.

Physio in Cheadle is a combination of hands on work like massage, manipulation and flexibility therapy. In addition, depending on the individual condition we utilise hydrotherapy, laser therapy and shockwave machines. All of our clients have free access to our rehab gym as they progress. We might design a workout program for that individual to follow first under supervision and then on their own. The worst thing you can do with painful joints, muscles and tendons is nothing. If you pamper the area it will grow weaker. Contact John Griffiths Physiotherapy for a consultation. Physio under the skilled hands and expertise of specialised professionals can gradually get you moving again and minimise or eliminate the pain. We can accommodate those needing after work hours appointments.

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