Whiplash in Handforth

Whiplash in HandforthAre you suffering from a whiplash in Handforth after a recent accident? Whiplash is a more painful form of neck strain. It typically occurs due to a car accident or any type of blow or impact that suddenly makes your head jerk backwards or forward. This sudden movement force tears and stretches tendons and muscles in the neck, leading to whiplash. Both professional and amateur athletes who play some form of contact sports like rugby or football are often afflicted by whiplash. Unfortunately, neck strain is often mistaken for a neck sprain. Strains are caused by damage to the bands of tissue that connect your muscles to the bones. Sprains are tears in ligaments; tissues which connect bones to one another. Common symptoms of whiplash include headaches starting at the base of the skull and radiating towards the head; stiffness and pain when the head is moved to look over the shoulder, and stiffness or pain sensation when you move your head from side to side.

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms in Handforth, whiplash can be treated at our clinic. When you visit our clinic for the first time, we will thoroughly assess the severity and cause of your whiplash condition. Based on the assessment and your lifestyle we will recommend certain treatments or therapies to ameliorate the pain and improve the whiplash. We will also suggest tips that you can follow at home or work to deal with your whiplash. Our goal is to help you gain full functionality of your neck as soon as possible. Whiplash can be a painful and annoying condition if left untreated.

If you’re suffering from whiplash in Handforth, get in touch with a leading physiotherapist. Contact John Griffiths Physiotherapy for help with whiplash. We’re experts in treating all sorts of physical injuries and ailments. Our team also provides alternative therapies such as hypnotherapy, chiropody, sports massage and acupuncture. Our goal is to assist in relieving the pain and discomfit typically associated with whiplash.

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