Neck Pain in Prestbury

Neck Pain in WilmslowHave your neck pain in Prestbury assessed and treated by the experts at John Griffiths Physiotherapy. We are a close-knit team of highly-trained, experienced professionally qualified physiotherapists. We have a conveniently located centre in the heart of Macclesfield city. We provide services to all age groups including the elderly and children. Our centre is equipped with the latest equipment, laser and shock-wave therapy machines, rehab gym that clients use at no extra cost, hydrotherapy, etc. We ensure that you get an accurate diagnosis that correctly pinpoints the reason for your neck pain before we suggest a line of treatment. This helps you to get a speedier and more effective result at a more affordable cost.

Every case is unique and this understanding forms the foundation of our diagnosis and treatment. In Prestbury, neck pain may be caused by a diverse range of reasons. These include joint and muscle injury, bone and vertebral disc injury, referred or nerve pains, vertigo related neck pain, neck pain related to migraine headaches and other types of headache, conditions and diseases like fibromyalgia, ankylosing spondylitis, rheumatoid arthritis, and bad posture. Once we have conducted the range of tests and evaluations, we can zero in on the underlying cause of the neck pain. This helps us to tailor our treatment to this. We prescribe corrective exercises to increase flexibility and muscle strength. A large majority of neck pain cases are caused by some problem with joints or muscles. In case we discover any underlying disease we refer you to a specialist who can address this.

Our skilled, multidisciplinary team can help you to recover your health and well-being through the right treatments for neck pain in Prestbury. We understand how it impacts your personal and professional life, and prevents you from enjoying life and doing the things you love. There is no need to endure debilitating neck pain for life or to feel that the only alternative is expensive and risky surgery. For help with neck pain, contact John Griffiths Physiotherapy. Our treatments not only address the root cause, but they also prevent recurrence of neck pain. Reclaim your life – speak to us today.

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