Acupuncture in Macclesfield

Acupuncture in MacclesfieldAcupuncture in Macclesfield is one of several specialised medical therapies we offer at John Griffiths Physiotherapy.  Dr Greg Carter is our Medical Acupuncture Therapist. He holds the Diploma in Medical Acupuncture and regulated by the General Medical Council. The use of thin needles strategically placed into the body to bring about relief from pain and discomfort throughout the body is the practice of acupuncture, rooted in ancient Chinese culture. As a medical acupuncture therapist, Dr Carter’s treatments are based on neuroscience. The thin needles are placed in areas to stimulate healing blood flow to the painful area and trigger the release of the body’s natural pain killers.

For some of our clients, seeking relief without the use of pharmaceuticals is a priority due to side effects, allergies or even addiction. For many in Macclesfield, acupuncture is part of a therapy programme that also includes physical therapy and manipulation. Still others seek acupuncture because other therapies have proven ineffective. As physical therapist we have found multiple therapy treatment plans may prove the most successful in relieving pain or discomfort. We offer a full range of therapy including hydro therapy and our own gym with state of the art exercise equipment. We use manipulation, massage and even lifestyle change to achieve healing and pain relief.

Acupuncture in Macclesfield undertaken by our by our Dr Carter is safe. The needles are so thin you may not notice them at all or perhaps feel a slight but brief discomfort at the base of the needle. The needles are left in place anywhere from five to thirty minutes during each treatment. You may need up to a dozen sessions to achieve the greatest relief. Contact John Griffiths Physiotherapy for treatment of chronic pain, injury, even dreaded recurring migraines. Call us and schedule a consultation if you are experiencing chronic pain or discomfort. Studies have found acupuncture to be an effective treatment for muscle, orthopaedic and some neurological pain. People have put their trust in acupuncture for thousands of years. We believe there is medical support to for its effectiveness in helping some patients.

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