Disc Problems in Wilmslow

Disc Problems in WilmslowDon’t let disc problems in Wilmslow restrict your mobility or cause unnecessary pain and discomfort. John Griffiths Physiotherapy offers effective, affordable solutions for back and spine issues and a variety of other conditions. We are based in the heart of Macclesfield town which gives our clients easy and swift access. Our small but highly qualified and experienced team can deal with a diverse range of issues that may occur in people of all ages. We adopt a long-term holistic approach, along with immediate pain relief and restoration of mobility. We use proven techniques with our patients that incorporate the latest information, research and trends from across the globe. Our facilities are equipped with the latest laser and shockwave therapy machines. We also offer hydrotherapy and access to our onsite rehabilitation gym if these are part of your treatment plan.

For patients in Wilmslow, disc problems should only be treated by qualified and experienced professionals. Otherwise, it can cause immense damage and you could even risk permanent disability. The correct diagnosis is equally important. Without this, it’s not possible for the treatment to proceed on the right track. In general treatments follow either a passive or active therapy process. Passive therapies include deep tissue massage, hot or cold therapies, hydrotherapy, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS), or traction. These therapies are done to the patient and they don’t require him/her to make any effort, which is why they’re classified as passive. Active therapies are undertaken after a regimen of passive treatments is completed. They aim to restore flexibility, posture, strength, core stability, and joint mobility. The treatments may consist of core stabilisation exercises for the back, stretching and flexing exercises, water aerobics and active hydrotherapy, muscle strengthening, pain management and tolerance exercises.

Though many disc problems in Wilmslow may get spontaneously cured with rest and relaxation, it’s important to take precautions. If you are plagued by disc problems, contact John Griffiths and schedule an appointment. Our trained team provides the right information regarding your back problems so that you know what to watch out for. You may also have to undergo weight loss if you are overweight to avoid putting extra strain on your back.

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