Back Pain in Bollington

Back Pain in BollingtonConsult the right medical expert if you have back pain in Bollington. John Griffths Physiotherapy is a small team of qualified, trained and experienced physiotherapists, based in Macclesfield. Our client base extends throughout this area and beyond, and includes people of all ages, including children and seniors. Every member of our team is specialized in a different area of physiotherapy, that’s why we are able to address a variety of issues. We have male and female physiotherapists on our staff. It’s not our aim to simply prescribe standards programs and therapies. We ensure that you receive a detailed consultation, a complete analysis of your problems, lifestyle and health goals before we begin a line of treatment. We offer treatment using the latest laser and shock-wave therapies. Clients can use our on-site rehabilitation gym at no extra cost. If the client would benefit from hydrotherapy, we provide this treatment too.

Our free, off-road car parking facilities are situation right outside our doors. In Bollington, back pain sufferers should ensure that they select a clinic, therapy centre or therapist that is easy to access. Otherwise, they tend to avoid scheduled visits, or make excuses to miss them. Our trained therapists are competent and experienced to treat a wide range of back and neck problems. We work along with patients to improve their condition, increase movement and reduce pain. For your convenience, we offer daytime, early morning and eveningĀ  appointments. No matter what the nature and extent of the problem or how long it has been in existence, we help you to get the right treatment.

Back pain in Bollington can severely restrict your mobility and social life, make you dependent on others and cause problems in your personal life and careers. If you are suffering from back pain and need attention, contact John Griffiths. Some issues can be cured in a single focused session, while other problems may need more time and effort. The main advantage of our physiotherapy treatments is that in most cases, they help patients to avoid surgery. This is important for older people and those with other health conditions who cannot undergo the risk of an operation.

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