Physio Room in Handforth

Physio Room in HandforthJohn Griffiths Physiotherapy is the physio room in Handforth where great things are happening for those who have suffered injury. Injury may occur from one sudden accident or it can develop over years of misuse or overuse of the muscles, joints or tendons that make movement possible. Either way, quality of life is impaired by pain when the injured area is used. Once diagnosed, your doctor may prescribe muscle relaxers, pain killers and physiotherapy. Sometimes, surgery is recommended. The purpose of physiotherapy is to regain as much pain free movement as possible to the injured area. We don’t work miracles at John Griffiths Physiotherapy but we do help each patient heal and regain as much use as possible of the injured area, improving their quality of life.

One-hundred percent recovery is always the goal and often, if the patient perseveres, our physiotherapy treatments will bring about full movement of the injured area. For others in Handforth, physio room commitment results in major improvement. Each patient is different and the prognosis for each will vary. That is why, at our first consultation, an individualised program of treatment is put in place for each patient and the expected goal clearly stated. Our skilled therapist begin with hands on manipulation and/or message of the affected area. Our hands tell us through touch what our brain knows about anatomy and movement. We use modern therapy technology such as lasers and shock therapy to stimulate the blood supply to the injured area which in turns help the body heal.

Our goal in our physio room in Handforth is to enable the body, through careful movement, to heal itself. Without physical therapy, each painful movement throughout the day causes more damage and more pain. Often lifestyle changes are necessary to give the body opportunity to heal. We also make a work-out gym available to build strength and flexibility and a therapy pool so beneficial to therapeutic movement. Contact John Griffiths Physiotherapy if you have suffered a muscle or joint injury or if chronic pain is interfering with your quality of life. Our therapist will locate the cause and set a course for healing first and then rehabilitation to regain strength.

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