Foot Care Specialist in Sutton

Foot Care Specialist in SuttonThe amount of pressure applied on your feet can end up requiring a foot care specialist in Sutton. However, you may be in need of services of one if you have painful feet, discoloured toenails, growths such as warts, cracks or cuts in the skin, scaling and peeling on the soles or any other foot-related problem. Foot and ankle pain can arise from arthritis or a sports injury. If not taken care of well or not checked at all, it can lead to further problems later on. Your walking and standing posture can be affected, which can lead to a series of other body ailments. If you have blisters, bunions and corns, you should also consider getting in touch with a specialist especially if you tend to be on your feet a lot.

Whatever the case may be, John Griffiths can help you. In Sutton, our foot care specialist is trained and has proper expertise in that area. If you’re suffering a painful foot condition, Mark can treat it and so help you become pain-free and fully mobile again. Some problems can be dealt with by a one-off procedure; others need ongoing management and regular treatment. We use Biomechanics to help get to the main source of the problem. It can help to relieve pain in the feet, ankles, hips and back. It helps us understand how the body moves and how it was designed to do so in the first place. You can make use of this if you’ve been having chronic pain in the feet and don’t know what the cause is or want to be sure you are using your body to its full potential.

A foot care specialist in Sutton can provide relief from painful feet. For more information about how we can help you, contact John Griffiths Physiotherapy today. We carry out an assessment by looking at your injury in the context of your lifestyle, and give you an honest opinion on what to expect with our treatment. We offer other services as well and provide complementary therapies such as medical acupuncture and physio Pilates, depending on your requirements. We work with people of all ages, including children and the elderly.


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