Medical Acupuncture in Tytherington

Medical Acupuncture in TytheringtonWith expert treatments like medical acupuncture in Tytherington  you can address your health and wellness issues. At John Griffiths, we use medical acupuncture to treat allergies, eczema, sinusitis, fertility and gynecological problems, irritable bladder, headaches, migraine, neuralgia, neck, back and joint pains and soft tissue pain. Our highly-qualified and experienced team provides the most modern and advanced acupuncture techniques that are based on the core principles of modern medical knowledge. Medical acupuncture is practiced only by qualified medical doctors. They take extra qualifications in the practice of acupuncture over and above their medical degrees.

Treatment of musculo-skeletal problems and internal problems like migraine, acid reflux, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation and headaches provides relief in a more relaxed, less invasive way. In Tytherington, medical acupuncture can be availed of as a first-level treatment to address your health and well-being issues, or it could be a complementary treatment that helps to wean you off pain-killers and drugs. We first have you examined by a fully qualified medical doctor to get a complete current status report. When the root of your problem has been diagnosed, fine needles are inserted into specific parts of the body. Based on the specific location, patients sometimes experience a twitch or a deep ache, once the needles have been inserted, but this is only temporary.

Our treatments are recognised by most private health insurers. Medical acupuncture treatments in Tytherington are priced according to the length of the appointment and time of day. Medical acupuncture at John Griffiths can be used as a stand alone treatment or as a complementary one in tandem with the several others we offer. These include hydrotherapy, chiropody, cognitive behaviour therapy, clinical hypnotherapy, and also regular therapies for sports injuries, or neck and back problems. If you are interested in medical acupuncture, contact John Griffiths. Medical acupuncture treatments are extremely safe, well-established and convenient, provided they’re undertaken by qualified and experienced experts. Apart from treating pain, acupuncture is beneficial for those suffering from insomnia, low immunity level, stress, respiratory problems etc. Patients recovering from surgery gain huge benefits because of acupuncture’s ability to reduce pain, and inflammation and boost circulation.


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