Physio for Back Pain in Sutton

Physio for Back Pain in SuttonPeople from all walks of life seek physio for back pain in Sutton. The smart sufferers seek physical therapy help right away but many pop pain relievers and administer home remedies that usually fail and sometimes cause more damage. Self-treatment is foolish because there are many causes for back pain and each affects different areas, especially low back muscles, tendons and vertebrae. Low back pain affects a majority of the population in their life and for some the pain is chronic. It may be caused by anything from sneezing to sport or work injury. Sometimes it’s caused by a sedentary lifestyle and for others the cause is osteoporosis or arthritis. Clearly, you need professional care to assess the cause of back pain and relieve and/or manage the discomfort.

Our physiotherapists at John Griffiths are specialists in various areas. Each is highly skilled in their area of expertise so in Sutton, physio for back pain is a specialised treatment plan tailored to the individual. When you come to us for your initial consultation, we will identify the source and cause of your pain. No two treatment plans are exactly the same because no two people respond exactly the same. Some may need medical treatment first and if so, we will tell you. Our clinic invests in state-of-the-art equipment including laser, shockwave and hydrotherapy. However, hands on manipulation is at the core of our treatments. Our onsite gym may be useful to your ongoing treatment with prescribed exercises. Use it as long as you need to at no additional charge.

Physio for back pain in Sutton by our specialists at John Griffiths may bring you immediate relief. Sometimes the cause is as simple as shoe heel height, a new mattress or regular physical exercise. Other times long term treatment followed by lifestyle changes may be needed. Don’t suffer any longer; contact John Griffiths Physiotherapy for a consultation and assessment. We will be honest with you about the schedule of treatments that will most benefit your condition and what part you would be expected play in your healing therapy. Your dedication to prescribed exercise and lifestyle adjustments works hand in hand with our therapeutic manipulations and therapy machines.

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