Need a Physiotherapist Clinic in Chelford?

Physiotherapist Clinic in ChelfordYou might benefit from visiting a physiotherapist clinic in Chelford if you’re experiencing muscular or joint ailments. A physiotherapist specialises in disorders related to movement and sports. When you visit a physiotherapy clinic, your physical ailment will be assessed as well as your lifestyle. The therapist will recommend therapies that will provide you with relief and increase your range of movement. He or she may also recommend regular measures you can take to prevent the same issue form re-occurring in the future. By visiting a physiotherapy clinic, you can regain your freedom of movement.

For sports enthusiasts in Chelford, the best physiotherapist clinic to visit is John Griffiths. When you arrive at our clinic for your first appointment, you will undergo a comprehensive assessment. Not only will we look at the extent of your problem or injury but we will examine it in the context of your daily life. We will ask you to walk around or move as you normally would so that we can view the extent of your issue. In our experience, this is the best way to assess a physical problem. We will also look into deeper, underlying medical issues that might be triggering your physical issue. Why choose our physiotherapist clinic? We offer a personalised treatment programme that is tailored for you specifically. In addition, we have an onsite gym and  a hydrotherapy pool where we conduct several of our therapies. These are done under the direct supervision of our trained therapists. We are experts at treating sports injuries and ailments related to the neck and back. Our team also offers complimentary therapies such as clinical hypnotherapy, hydro pilates, cognitive behavioural therapy, sports massage and clinical hypnotherapy.

If you’re experiencing mobility issues, it might help you to visit a physiotherapist clinic in Chelford. At John Griffiths, our expert therapists can treat your ailment and have you on your feet within a short period of time. When you are searching for a physiotherapist clinic, contact John Griffiths. Get in touch with us today to learn how we can help.

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