Manual Therapy in Sutton

Manual Therapy in SuttonWe use manual therapy in Sutton as one method to help relieve pain, reduce inflammation, improve function and increase the range of motion in joints, tendons and soft tissue. While we use other types of therapy such as exercise, hydrotherapy, heat and laser, manual therapists use their hands to apply pressure on muscles and joints. While machines are sometimes used for this purpose, only manual therapy will allow the therapist to monitor improvement of muscle spasm, stiff joints, tension and the resulting pain. Manual therapy requires great skill and a complete knowledge of the musculoskeletal which includes joints and soft tissue and neuromuscular which involves the brain and nervous system. We need to know where everything is and how each part works with other parts.

Living with pain lowers the quality of life so at John Griffiths we want to ease the pain if possible, manage it for better quality of life and ultimately heal the body. When treating our patients in Sutton, manual therapy allows us to feel the tension in the muscle and malfunction of a joint. We know where, on the tendon, the injury is and if it’s distended.  We have great success with our proven treatments. Through the therapeutic healing process you will learn how to avoid future injuries to that and other areas of the body. We have physiotherapists specialising in all areas of treatment. Our therapy pool and fitness centre are on site and available for you to use as prescribed while undergoing treatment with us.

Our patient’s treatment plan is individualised based on the injury and manual therapy in Sutton is usually part of the plan. Our initial consultation with you will direct us to the treatment options best suited for you. We are always honest with our patients. If all you need to alleviate knee pain is a shoe insert we will tell you. Sometimes you may need medication along with therapy to control pain and we will advise you of that necessity. Trust our experience to discover the root of your pain and the best treatment. Contact John Griffiths Physiotherapy and make an appointment to discuss the kind of pain or stiffness you are experiencing. We treat men, women and children each with a special hands on approach.

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