Neck Pain in Knutsford

Neck Pain in KnutsfordHaving neck pain in Knutsford can lead to severe headaches. Up to two-thirds of the population will experience it at some time in their lives. The pain may be felt in the neck but will very possibly be caused by another spinal problem.  The neck may be the place that the pain is felt.  We make sure that we find the underlying cause of the pain and work on you to relieve the muscle tightness or pinched nerve that is the actual cause of the problem.  The head is supported by the neck and upper back and it is in these areas that pain often occurs. Our job is to find the reason why it is manifesting in neck pain.

Stress is one of the most common causes of muscular pain. In Knutsford, neck pain can be caused by emotional and physical stress. We also deal with people who have had accidents and have hurt the muscles of the neck and back.  This may only show days or weeks after the initial incident. Many people are forced to sit for hours in an unnatural position in front of their desks and this can put strain on the neck and back muscles.  This can over time cause the muscles to knot and cause pain. Our physiotherapists can help you to loosen the knots and adjust your posture to prevent it happening again.

Neck pain in Knutsford can be alleviated by our physiotherapists. Contact John Griffiths today and let us assess your condition.  We are particularly thorough in our examinations including watching how you walk and sit as bad posture can often have a direct link with neck pain.  We have both male and female physiotherapists who specialise in different aspects of physiotherapy and we also use machines as well as hands-on treatments. Each person is individually assessed and a treatment regime is worked out specifically for your problem. No two problems will be treated in the same way as each person will possibly have different underlying causes of pain.

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