Foot Care Specialist in Cheadle

Foot Care Specialist in Cheadle Perhaps it’s time for a foot care specialist in Cheadle if your foot pain has progressed from occasionally to constant. You have probably tried anti-inflammatories, pain killers, ice packs and sitting around with your feet up. Foot pain may be caused by injury, gait or arthritis. You may feel pain in your foot but the cause may originate elsewhere. John Griffiths is a group of physiotherapists that treat pain through the use of exercise, massage, hydrotherapy, biomechanics, chiropody, podiatry and sometimes orthotics. If pain can’t be eliminated, we strive to teach you how to manage it through lifestyle, exercise and in some cases, medication. Each of your feet is a structural wonder with 28 bones, 30 joints and over a hundred tendons, ligaments and muscles. That’s a lot of potential pain points.

Foot injuries can be successfully treated with therapies such as exercise, massage and limited usage during the healing time. In Cheadle, foot care specialists at John Griffiths are also podiatrists or a newer name is Chiropody. The performance of your feet can be analysed using biomechanics. They simply apply the laws of mechanics and physics to your feet. Biomechanics may reveal a quick solution to your chronic pain. A Chiropody professional may spot the source of your pain just by watching you walk. Other problems may not be so easily detected. If your pain is in the mechanics of how you walk, then corrected footwear and/or orthotics may free you from pain.

Arthritis pain needs a foot care specialist in Cheadle to help manage your chronic pain. At John Griffiths, our Chiropody will draw from many areas of physiotherapy to minimise pain and prevent flare-ups. Massage and proper exercise is beneficial. Orthotics and appropriate footwear act as a bandage for your foot to limit uncontrolled movements that can cause pain. You don’t have to live with unrelieved pain when you contact John Griffiths Physiotherapy. Our Chiropody on staff is experienced in all areas of foot discomfort and pain. The mechanics of the foot are known and understood so the source of pain can be identified and remedied

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