Whiplash in Rainow

Whiplash in RainowWhiplash in Rainow may be the personal injury lawyers dream come true. However, at John Griffiths Physiotherapy, we know that whiplash is a frequent, serious and painful injury. Most often it is caused by a sudden strong backwards and forwards motion. Whiplash is commonly associated with car accidents. As the car comes to an abrupt stop or is forcefully hit from behind the head is thrown forward and back with enough force to sprain the neck ligaments and tendons. The injured person may not feel the pain from the trauma for 24 hours or even longer after the initial injury. Whiplash is also difficult to diagnose because the damage doesn’t show up on x-rays. MRI’s can frequently show the damaged area but often whiplash is diagnosed through a series of symptoms.

After an accident, if you experience neck pain, headaches, dizziness or shoulder pain doctors may conclude you have suffered whiplash. In Rainow, whiplash sufferers will benefit greatly from the physiotherapy available at John Griffiths. Most of the treatments commonly prescribed such as massage, physical therapy, heat, mile exercises and ultrasound are all available at our clinic. In the hands of our specialist, you will experience pain relief and gradual healing. It is hard to believe that whiplash was once treated with immobilisation. Fortunately for the patients, 100% immobility using a cervical collar is almost impossible. The muscles and tendons were still getting mild exercise.

After a careful assessment at John Griffiths, an individual programme of therapy for your whiplash in Rainow will be designed for you. It could be that laser and/or shockwave therapy would offer more relief and faster healing than the traditional ultrasound. A combination of hands-on and machine therapy seems to work best for most individuals. Later in the programme as you feel better, rehabilitative exercises may help to strengthen the affected muscles. If you suspect or your doctor has diagnosed whiplash after an accident, call John Griffiths Physiotherapy for a consultation. You will find our small clinic a welcoming place of healing where professional therapists can bring about pain relief.

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