Manual Therapy in Tytherington

manual therapy in TytheringtonWhy suffer pain and discomfort when you can get relief from manual therapy in Tytherington? As an experienced, qualified and trained team of experts in the Macclesfield town centre, John Griffiths provides physiotherapy and related services for people of all ages. Each one of our team members has skill, knowledge and qualifications in a different specialized area of physiotherapy. This enables us to provide total solutions for the complete range of requirements. We employ both male and female therapists, who can work with elderly patients, children, and persons with disability. We cover four key areas: Musculo-skeletal which deals with bones, joints and soft tissue, Neuro-muscular dealing with brain and nervous system, Cardio-vascular fitness catering to heart, circulatory system and Respiratory that handles issues with lungs, and respiratory organs.

Our services are in keeping with the latest trends and developments in knowledge and technology from around the world. In Tytherington, manual therapy techniques are offered by our trained physical therapists, massage and occupational therapists, etc to treat musculo-skeletal problems. These therapies provide pain relief, joint mobilisation and help in keeping the affected part functional and pain-free. Joint manipulation techniques provided by our professionals follows the classic requirements of manual therapy – viz., the application of accurately determined, specifically directed manual force to improve mobility in the restricted areas.

In addition to manual therapy in Tytherington, we provide complementary services like acupuncture, Alexander Techniques, chiropody, podiatry, physio-Pilates, hydrotherapy, clinical hypnotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and sports massage. If you would like more information about our manual therapy, contact John Griffiths Physiotherapy. We use the latest shockwave and laser therapy equipment to provide additional relief if the diagnosis supports such treatments. Access to our onsite gym and pool are free. We offer convenient timings, based on your schedule. Morning and evening appointments can be fixed. For your convenience, we provide free, off-road car parking situated nearby. We start with a comprehensive assessment that balances your injuries, lifestyle and recovery goals. Our practices are aimed at respecting your dignity and comfort. A personalised treatment plan is created just for you.

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