Disc Problems in Mottram

Disc Problems in MottramDisc problems in Mottram are one of the most common causes of backache. It is important to keep active if this should occur. Gentle exercise should be encouraged and our practitioners can help you with a recommendation of the exercise most beneficial to your problem. Although you may feel some pain initially this can be eased by therapy. We find that many people suffer for a long time before finally coming to see us. We will first do a thorough examination to establish the cause of the pain. Once we have found out the reason we will recommend a course of therapies to help alleviate the ache.

When back ache is slowing you down in Mottram, disc problems could be the cause. Our physiotherapists will draw u an individually tailored exercise plan that will minimise the pain and prevent any further damage to the back. Whether you have been suffering for years or need to get treatment before the problem becomes chronic we can help you. We carry out a careful assessment of you on your first visit. We check your posture and how you walk and sit as many problems can be caused through incorrect posture. We will recommend various therapies which will help with pain control and will also correct the cause of the problem. This can be done in one session or it may need a series of treatments.

Disc problems in Mottram can be treated. Contact John Griffiths Physiotherapy today and book an appointment with one of our Physiotherapists. Our small team of highly qualified and experienced physiotherapists have different specialities. Our team includes both male and female physiotherapists. Our therapists work in a number of ways, both hands on and also through specialised machines. We also have a gym on site where we can set a number of exercises using the gym equipment. The gym is available free of charge for as long as you need it. As you become pain free and regain your flexibility, you will start to feel the benefits of physiotherapy.

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