Physio for Back Pain in Congleton

Physio for Back Pain in CongletonPhysio for back pain in Congleton is sometimes an alternative to surgery.  Anyone who has suffered from back pain knows how debilitating it can be.  It can make even the smallest movement painful.  It cannot always be successfully treated by pain medication. We can offer you treatment which can, in some cases, cure the problem in a single session.  Other problems may need a series of treatments over time to keep the pain at bay. Whether it is a new symptom or a long standing issue we can help you.  We examine many things like posture and the way you walk before making an assessment.  There are many reasons besides an injury which can lead to back pain.

When you are suffering from discomfort in the spinal area in Congleton, physio for back pain can relieve the symptoms quickly. If we find anything that needs medical attention we will encourage you to see a medical practitioner. We are very open with our patients and will keep you informed every step of the way.  Our team of physiotherapists are very skilled at hands on and machine therapy and find that use of the laser therapy and shock wave machines aid in solving the problem.  We will also give you a set of movement and exercise routines to strengthen the back and the muscles.  This will stop any further damage being done to the spinal column.

Physio for back pain in Congleton is a blessing for anyone who suffers from this affliction. Contact John Griffiths today and see how our small team of experienced physiotherapists can help you. Each of our team members specialise in different aspects of physiotherapy. We have both male and female physiotherapists and work with people of all ages including children and the elderly. We will examine you thoroughly before we start on a course of therapies.  We have the latest state of the art treatment machines and there is access to our onsite rehabilitation gym as well as hydrotherapy if necessary.

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