Hydrotherapy in Wilmslow

Hydrotherapy in WilmslowHydrotherapy in Wilmslow is hugely beneficial for the treatment of injury and disease. Hydrotherapy makes use of the body’s reaction to hot and cold stimuli as well as to the pressure exerted by the water. The water kneads the body gently, creating a massage-like sensation and this is excellent for releasing tight muscles and tension and also increasing blood circulation. There are different techniques used with hydrotherapy – from showers and baths to hot- and cold compresses, body wraps, sitz baths and others. At John Griffiths, we may well be a small team of very experienced physiotherapists, but we’ve got the best facilities to enable us to work with people of all ages so as to achieve excellent results. We make it easy for our patients to access our services and we take early morning, daytime as well as evening appointments.

We’re able to treat so many conditions with our hydrotherapy. In Wilmslow, hydrotherapy effectively tackles headaches, joint- and muscle problems, nerve problems, sleep disorders, arthritis, stress and others. Some of the many benefits include detoxification, stimulating blood supply, loosening tense muscles and much more. When you come to our clinic, you’re treated as an individual from word go. There is no one-size-fits-all type of treatment here. We get to the very root of your unique problem and come up with treatments that suit you. We know that some problems are quickly treated, while others will take longer. We’ve got a lot of advice too and valuable information to get you back into doing life again with ease.

Apart from our onsite rehabilitation gym, we treat some of our patients at a nearby hydrotherapy pool. This is wonderful for those suffering from neurological conditions and for those, for instance, recovering from knee replacement surgery. For more information about our hydrotherapy treatment, contact John Griffiths Physiotherapy. We know that many of life’s achievements start with a goal, and when you make us your goal towards healing, we’re motivated to make it happen for you.

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