Sports Injury in Gawsworth

Sports Injury in Gawsworth The experience of some with a sports injury in Gawsworth is always playing with some degree of injury. You know the routine? You’re playing one of your favourite sports and your ankle starts hurting. After the game you limp home, take an anti-inflammatory and wrap the injured joint or muscle. Two days later it still aches but you want to play so you put a compression brace on and play. It hurts so badly when you get home that you rest it for several days. By the week-end it doesn’t hurt, but to be safe you put the brace on. You limp off the field and the pattern repeats itself again and again.

Perhaps you think you just have weak ankles. The truth is, in Gawsworth, your sports injury may be many months old but you have never given it the needed time and physiotherapy to heal completely. As soon as it starts to heal you injure it again. Twenty years down the road when arthritis sets in you’ll say that ankle was always a problem. Stay in the game for life by addressing your injury with the correct method of treatment. Instead of self-medicating, turn your injury over to the professionals at John Griffiths Physiotherapy. We know our anatomy and physiology and in our experience there is not much we haven’t already seen. A lot of that is due to our role as official physiotherapists to Macclesfield Rugby Club. They keep us enlightened in the ways one can injure himself.

By bringing your sports injury in Gawsworth to us for treatment you will be given a personalised treatment plan with the goal of full recovery. Among the treatment options is massage to reduce pain and swelling and manual manipulation to prevent stiffening. We use the latest technological therapies to get healing blood flow to the injured site. Later we will add more exercises designed specifically to build strength at the injury site. By giving the injury the right amount of time and therapy to heal completely you will be able to play again without risking long term damage and you will be pain free. Call us and we will get you back out on the field. There is no reason to accept playing through pain as the norm.

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