Plantar Facilitis in Bollington

Plantar Facilitis in BollingtonPlantar Facilitis in Bollington can be treated at John Griffiths Physiotherapy. We know how painful it can be and can offer expert advice and treatment to help you recover from the present injury and stop any further injuries from occurring.  This painful injury to the plantar fascia, which is the thick fibrous band of tissue that starts under your heel bone and extends along the sole of your foot to the toes.  It can develop tiny tears or become inflamed, causing pain.  There may be no warning, but we find that there may be more than one reason for it occurring. If you have pain under your heel or in your foot arch especially when getting out of bed in the morning it could be plantar fasciitis. The pain will gradually improve as you walk and the muscles warm up.

When you are suffering from pain in your heels in Bollington, plantar facilitis needs to be treated to remove the pain and help your feet recover. We have the most up to date treatments and therapy machines and can help ease or remove most injuries or conditions that are causing pain.  We have a gym and a hydrotherapy pool for certain conditions but with plantar fasciitis it is more a case of easing the pain and preventing further injury.  It could lead to heel spurs which will take far longer to heal.  Our treatment and therapy will correct the cause and have you back to your old self in no time.

Plantar Facilitis in Bollington can be treated.  Contact John Griffiths today and book an appointment for the initial consultation.  We will assess your situation holistically and often begin by watching the way you walk and your posture.  We will also find out from you the type of shoes you wear and what exercise you favour. All these things can affect the healing process of the plantar fascia.  We are a team of physiotherapists specialising in different aspects of physiotherapy. Once we have ascertained that this is indeed the problem, we will have our specialist physiotherapist take over.

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