Disc Problems in Handforth

disc problems in HandforthFinding the right physiotherapy service to address your disc problems in Handforth takes time, patience and effort. Not all those who claim to be physiotherapy experts are all that they project themselves to be. At John Griffiths we pride ourselves on our professional training, qualifications, experience and expertise. Each one of our team members is an expert in a different branch of physiotherapy so we’re able to treat a wider spectrum of issues. We also have male and female therapists to cater to your preferences. Apart from our training and skills, we believe in keeping abreast of the latest equipment, techniques and information in the field. This helps us serve our clients better, more effectively and extensively.

We offer treatment, according to the issues and the health parameters of the patient. In Handforth, disc problems have to be handled with care because they can have a serious effect on all other aspects of the patient’s daily routine, health and comfort. Damaged discs can cause severe pain, mobility problems and lack of sensation in certain parts of the body. We use the latest laser and shock-wave therapy equipment, along with hydrotherapy if required. Our patients have access to our rehabilitation gym at no extra cost, because we believe in a holistic approach to treatment and rehabilitation. In addition, we cater to your convenience by offering different schedules. Morning or evening appointments can be booked according to your preference, while daytime appointments can also be provided if needed. Our clinic has excellent free, off-road parking just outside the door.

We start with a thorough assessment and evaluation that helps us understand the nature of your disc problems in Handforth. Our assessment methods have a strong foundation of dignity and compassion unlike many other centers where patients are expected to remove their clothes. We also believe in a strong code of ethics and would never suggest unnecessary, unsuitable treatments. For help with disc problems, contact John Griffiths Physiotherapy. Following the assessment, we provide a genuine, swift and comprehensive set of suggestions that help you decide on the next course of action. Our skilled physiotherapy team provides personalised treatments that address you as a whole, mind and body.

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