Foot Care Specialist in Wilmslow

Foot Care Specialist in WilmslowYou may need a foot care specialist in Wilmslow if you are experiencing pain from an old injury.Perhaps you injured yourself while playing sport and didn’t have it seen to straight away? Or you may be suffering from ingrown toenails, bunions or athletes foot. Our feet work hard every day, and caring for them your feet is essential. Should you have any problems concerning your feet, it is advised that you visit a professional for all your foot care needs.

If you are suffering from feet problems in Wilmslow, a foot care specialist at John Griffiths Physiotherapy can assist. We have professionals who are specialised in podiatry and chiropody. There are a number of conditions that we offer treatments for, such as, verrucae, hard skin, corns and calluses, orthotic management and prescription, ingrown toenails, simple nail conditions, and gait analysis and biomechanics. Whether your condition needs ongoing treatment and therapy, or a simple once-off treatment, our team has the know-how to successfully treat your condition. We will provide a thorough assessment of your injury or problem. Once we have completed our initial assessment, we will give you honest advice on the most suitable treatment.

Our foot care specialist in Wilmslow will take excellent care of you in our fully equipped, state of the art facilities. Contact John Griffiths Physiotherapy for more information if you need the services of a foot care specialist. We treat and work with people of all ages, including the elderly and young children. For your convenience, we offer early morning and evening appointments if normal working hours are unsuitable.   If you simply need some advice, we are more than happy to share our knowledge with you.

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