Whiplash in Chelford

Whiplash in ChelfordIf you are suffering from whiplash in Chelford, you are likely in pain and with limited movement. Even the smallest of movements can become painful.  Perhaps you are suffering from headaches or you may be feeling pain in your shoulders, back or upper arms.  You don’t have to be in a car accident to experience whiplash.  Any sharp movement, impact or blow can cause tear the muscles and tendons in your neck.  The resulting injury is called whiplash.  

If you have been involved in an accident in Chelford, whiplash could be causing you pain.  John Griffiths Physiotherapy can assist.  To begin with,  a therapist  will assess your movement.  To do this, the therapist will ask you to move around the room naturally, as you are when you are relaxed. Once the therapist has assessed your movement he or she will recommend a personalised treatment plan.  This could include a number of therapies including hands on massage, state of the art laser therapy and shockwave therapy, movement and exercise.  You may benefit from the use of the rehabilitation gym at the clinic or the nearby hydrotherapy pool.  Your therapist will recommend the best course of treatment for your injury.  If an underlying medical condition is detected, your therapist will refer you for treatment from the appropriate professional.

If you have ever suffered whiplash in Chelford you will know how painful it can be.  Simple daily movements become impossible.  You are not able to do a host of activities you previously took for granted. You are probably in considerable pain.  Contact John Griffiths Physiotherapy today if you think you have whiplash, or if your movement is causing you pain.  Physiotherapy helps with a number of conditions including asthma, chronic pain, osteoporosis, falls and fractures, to name but a few.  The therapists are empathetic and willing to assist.  They work with people of all ages and conditions.  The team has a number of specialisms and the right therapist will be matched to your needs.  John Griffiths Physiotherapists will put together a programme unique to you to bring ease and relief to your movement.

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