Physio for Back Pain in Mottram

Physio for Back Pain in MottramTry physio for back pain in Mottram if you are struggling to find relief from your pain. Many people make use of physiotherapy techniques to combat pain, either as a substitute for or in combination with pain medication. For some, medication does not fully alleviate the pain, while for others it may have unwanted side effects. Pain medication typically only dulls the sense of pain, not the cause. On the other hand, physiotherapy gets to the root of the matter by treating the cause of pain, be it an injury or a chronic condition. By treating the ailment itself, the pain is removed or lessened, and not just dulled by medication. Trained physiotherapists can consult with you and recommend the correct balance between medication and physio to achieve the best results.

Back pain can be excruciating, as it can often hurt to move other parts of the body too. In Mottram, physio for back pain is carefully designed to reduce this pain and discomfort while increasing movement ability. John Griffiths Physiotherapy provides relief from back pain through a personalized treatment programme. Depending on the nature of the cause of the pain, physio treatments could vary from simple walking or stretching techniques to massage therapy, laser therapy or shockwave therapy. Your physiotherapist will examine how you sit and walk to get a clear picture of what difficulties you are struggling with. We will then prescribe an individual programme of therapy that’s tailored to your needs.

At John Griffiths Physiotherapy we have many years of experience in using physio for back pain in Mottram. Some back and neck pain issues can be solved in a single series of sessions while others need a long-term programme of treatment sessions. Contact John Griffiths to find out more about physio for back pain or to book a consultation appointment. Don’t let back pain destroy your life; get help from our friendly and professional team and enjoy pain-free movement again.

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