Acupunture in Handforth

Acupunture in HandforthAcupuncture in Handforth is a holistic health treatment where trained practitioners stimulate certain points on the body by inserting thin needles into the skin. While acupuncture is a form of traditional Chinese Medicine, it has become very popular around the world. It is a complimentary health approach that treats a wide variety of diseases and stress related symptoms. John Griffiths Physiotherapy are based in Macclesfield town centre, and as a team of experienced physiotherapists, each with a different physiotherapy specialism, they treat everyone, child and adult, male and female.

Patients who use this physiotherapy clinic appreciate the facilities that encourage healing and strength. In Handforth, acupuncture isn’t the only treatment on offer. Patients can benefit from hydrotherapy treatment, the onsite rehabilitation gym and the latest laser therapy and shockwave therapy machines. They’ve made it possible for all their patients to benefit from treatments at times that suit then. They offer both morning and evening appointments as well as daytime appointments and ensure that there is safe, off-road parking as well.

Acupuncture in Handforth is valuable for treating a host of common ailments such as sinusitis, allergies, IBS, neck and back pain. Contact John Griffiths today if you would like to know more about their acupuncture treatment. Greg is a fully qualified GP and regulated acupuncturist at John Griffiths. After he has established what the cause is of your problem, he’ll insert very fine needles into certain points on the body. Where pain and discomfort are present because of tension and toxicity, acupuncture focuses on relieving these conditions. The cost of one of these sought after treatments is in the region of £31-£54 but this will depend on the length of the appointment. Why not call Greg and make an appointment for this popular form of complementary medicine which stimulates your body’s inherent healing processes and allows the free flow of energy?

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