Physiotherapist Clinic in Rainow

Physiotherapist Clinic in RainowA physiotherapist clinic in Rainow could help you regain your mobility if you have sustained an injury. John Griffiths Physiotherapy will give you a personalised assessment at the outset to see how your movement is affected. This assessment will help the therapist to establish what treatments will be of benefit to you. In rare cases the therapist will refer you to a doctor but, in most instances, the therapist will develop a treatment plan for your unique needs. This can include a range of different interventions including hands on techniques (such as massaging), shock wave therapy and laser therapy. The therapist will probably provide you with exercises and stretches to assist your condition. There is also a properly equipped gym at their physiotherapy clinic for patients’ use.

If you are suffering with back pain in Rainow, a physiotherapist clinic can assist. Back pain can be debilitating. If your movement is limited, a number of daily activities become very difficult to perform. Another typical symptom of back and neck pain is chronic tiredness. There is help at hand and, the sooner you seek help, the better. The therapists at John Griffiths Physiotherapy are fully qualified and knowledgeable. They are trained in the use of the latest technology and available treatments. They can advise you on movement that will improve your situation, and movement to avoid that is making it worse. The physiotherapists will work together with you to help you heal your body.

There are a number of conditions that can be helped by a physiotherapist clinic in Rainow. The physiotherapists can provide an assessment and treatment plan for a full range of sports injuries. They have many years of experience and training and know the best available treatment for a number of conditions. As the official physiotherapists to the Macclesfield Rugby Club they have the knowledge and practice to help you. If you are in pain, contact John Griffiths Physiotherapy today and book an appointment at the physiotherapist clinic. A therapist will begin with an assessment to see how your movement is affected, and develop a personal treatment plan for you.

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