Hydrotherapy in Tytherington

Hydrotherapy in TytheringtonExpert professionals like John Griffiths Physiotherapy provide hydrotherapy in Tytherington for pain-relief, health and well-being. This form of physiotherapy involves the application of water at different temperatures and force and has a long and well-documented history. The Ancient Greeks used hot springs and healing mineral baths to provide relief from arthritis, skin problems, respiratory, muscular and orthopaedic conditions and for the promotion of general health too. Modern hydrotherapy systems are today a part of the general part of massage and physiotherapy systems in most Western and Eastern medical systems. Hydrotherapy systems are also an essential part of traditional, alternative medical knowledge and practice.

There are various different types of water-jetting, soaking and water-flow systems that are prescribed for different conditions by trained, experienced, licensed and qualified physiotherapy professionals. In Tytherington, hydrotherapy regimens may include salt scrubs, massage, clay packs, herbal wraps, contrast baths, or paraffin wax, based on the patient’s needs and requirements. A set of special exercises conducted under expert supervision, in the hydrotherapy pool, provides patients with significant benefits. At John Griffiths Physiotherapy we provide services to patients of all ages, including children and senior citizens. We offer a core range of techniques including laser and shockwave therapy, massage and free access to our on-site gym facilities. Hydrotherapy treatment is offered wherever it is considered to be of benefit to a particular patient.

Several different types of treatments using hydrotherapy in Tytherington are offered: Hot hydrotherapy where hot water is used to make the muscles more flexible and soft, increase circulation and relaxation and to reduce pain and discomfort, provided there is no swelling, bleeding or infection. Cold hydrotherapy is used to reduce pain and swelling, decrease blood flow and provide relief after an injury. Contrast hydrotherapy involves alternating hot and cold therapy, with strict adherence to duration and general health guidelines. This is not recommended for people with high, low or irregular blood pressure or heart conditions. Contact John Griffiths Physiotherapy for more information about hydrotherapy. Our trained therapists would be able to diagnose your condition and provide the right type and combination of therapies. Consider using hydrotherapy techniques to enhance your quality of life.

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