Physio Room in Mottram

Physio Room in MottramMake an appointment with a physio room in Mottram if you are continually plagued by back ache. John Griffiths Physiotherapy is a well-respected team of physiotherapists, offering our services to people of all ages, including the elderly and small children. Our physiotherapists treat a wide range of back and neck problems and will plan treatment, working closely with you to minimise pain and help increase movement. If you have been suffering from back ache for years, or if it is a recent problem that you want seen to, we can assist you.

For the treatment of back ache in Mottram, a physio room can provide the necessary relief. Our physiotherapists at John Griffiths will assess your back ache by having a look at how you sit and walk to determine where exactly the problems are and the difficulties you are experiencing. A carefully planned individual treatment programme will then be worked out and will include the therapies that would be most suitable.  Massage and other hands on techniques, as well as the use of state-of the-art laser therapy and shockwave therapy machines, are possible treatments that could be recommended. Where it is beneficial, you are invited to make use of the gym equipment in the rehabilitation gym, free of charge for as long as you need it. Our physiotherapists will also work with you on a programme of movement and exercise. Advice on how to manage daily activities without causing further damage will also be discussed.

Book a personal recovery programme at a physio room in Mottram. Find out how we can help you, and contact John Griffiths Physiotherapy for more details about a physio room. Should you need it, same day appointments can be arranged. Speak to our physiotherapists today to help find relief for the back ache that has been bothering you.

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