Acupuncture in Alderley Edge

Acupuncture in Alderley EdgeAcupuncture in Alderley Edge is in demand because this ancient healing technique of traditional Chinese medicine is effective in treating many ailments. The sheer stressful conditions of the 21st century have meant more and more people looking at natural self-healing methods to solve their health issues. Acupuncture is so successful that many insurance policies now cover this treatment, and this treatment is offered at John Griffiths Physiotherapy. You’ll find their attractive rooms in Macclesfield town centre where they work with children and adults. Their core hands-on work is enhanced by other proven techniques such as their treatments with laser and shockwave therapy machines.

When you decide on acupuncture treatments with John Griffiths, you get so many other benefits such as having access to their on-site rehabilitation gym as well as their hydrotherapy benefits. In Alderley Edge, John Griffiths cater for working patients too as well as students, conveniently offering early morning- or evening appointments to cater for everyone. Acupuncture can be great for improving the body’s ability to heal itself, and when your yin and yang are in balance, pain disappears, sleep patterns are restored and a wonderful sense of well-being is experienced.

Acupuncture in Alderley Edge is tailored for each patient. The number of acupuncture treatments you receive will differ with each person. Dr Greg Carter uses acupuncture to treat a host of conditions such as allergies, sinusitis, neck and back pain, and fertility problems.┬áMedical acupuncture also has beneficial effects on the hormones and nerves. Contact John Griffiths Physiotherapy for more about acupuncture treatment. Dr Greg is an experienced acupuncturist and fully qualified GP, and by booking an appointment with him, you’re booking yourself into a programme towards good health and wellbeing.

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