Physiotherapist Clinic in Mottram

Physiotherapist Clinic in MottramYou may be seeking a physiotherapist clinic in Mottram if you are suffering from difficult or painful movement. Such discomfort may be the result of a sports injury, arthritis, tendinitis or even more serious diseases. Physical intervention through rehabilitation and manipulation is carried out by the physical therapists at John Griffiths. These gifted therapists use their medical training and experience to improve the quality of life for those with painful mobility issues. They are a small group of physical therapists, each with their own speciality and specialised techniques for treatment. There is nothing magical or mystical in their treatment. All therapy is based on tried and true common sense techniques. Through the use of innovative therapy machines, including laser and hydrotherapy an individual treatment plan is designed for you.

In Mottram, a physiotherapist clinic uses an onsite gym for rehabilitation from an injury or illness. Rehabilitation exercises are monitored during initial therapy.  As patients improve they may spend more time at the gym on their own gaining back their strength.  It is an important part of ongoing recovery so there is no additional charge for the use of the gym. John Griffiths’ physiotherapist is not just for athletes, or accident patients. Neither is it just for the elderly with their expected range of infirmities related to ageing. John Griffiths’ physiotherapist is for all people of all ages, even children.  At your first consultation an evaluation of your condition, including medical and physical, is completed. Evaluations can usually be done while you remain in your street clothes.

In addition to physiotherapy at the physiotherapist clinic in Mottram, there are other treatments available. Such treatments are meant to compliment your customised therapy program. For instance, the most common complaint is back pain. At John Griffiths Physiotherapy, a Pilates program has been designed by therapists to strengthen your core and aid in the relief of back pain. Other treatments include medical acupuncture which alters nerve signals that signal pain to the brain. There are hormonal benefits as well. Sports massages are offered to stimulate circulation and relax muscles. Tense muscles are prone to injury and the tension itself causes pain. Most anyone will benefit from a massage. For more information about a physiotherapist clinic, contact John Griffiths Physiotherapy.

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