Sports Injury in Handforth

sports injury in HandforthAre you an athlete who is suffering from a sports injury in Handforth? Common examples of sports injuries include strains, sprains, back pain, bone injuries, heel pain, hamstring injuries, knee ligament damage and shoulder pain. When sports injuries are left untreated or not cared for properly, they can cause significant pain, permanently affecting the career of the athlete. Before your sports injury worsens, you need to seek treatment. Look for professional help for your injury.

In Handforth, sports injury treatment is available at John Griffiths. These experienced physiotherapists provide many treatments for a complete range of sports related injuries. It all begins with an in-depth assessment, followed by a personalised programme for treatment. All their physiotherapists have the necessary qualifications, experience and an in-depth understanding of the physiology and anatomy of the human body. As the official physiotherapy team for the Macclesfield Rugby Club, they have ample experience in dealing with many types of sports injuries. What does your personalised programme include? The goal is to create a tailored and unique programme to help you recover from your specific injury. As a result, it may include a massage and manual therapies to reduce swelling and pain and improve flexibility. Shockwave and laser therapy may also be used to increase blood flow to the injured area. This is followed by a personalized routine that you can apply at home. This includes stretching and mobilization techniques to improve strength, flexibility, and endurance. To prevent future flare-ups, it is important to treat your injury slowly and gradually. You must follow the guidelines suggested by your physiotherapist. This will help speed up your recovery.

If you are bothered by a sports injury in Handforth, contact the leading physiotherapists in the area, John Griffiths. The team also provides complementary therapies to help heal an injury. If you would like more information or would like to schedule a consultation to have a sports injury seen to, contact John Griffiths.

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