Physio for Back Pain in Knutsford

Physio for back pain in KnutsfordPhysio for back pain in Knutsford can provide you with the relief you need. Back pain can be all consuming. It may be constant, impacting everything you do. Your day may be filled with chronic tiredness as a result of your pain. Perhaps only certain movements produce pain. You could have been suffering for years or maybe it just been since this morning when you woke up. Whatever your personal circumstances and requirements, physiotherapy could help.

In Knutsford, physio for back pain could even remove your need for surgery. At John Griffiths, you will find a number of skilled and qualified physiotherapists. They work together with the client to help improve movement and to reduce pain. To begin the therapist at John Griffiths will assess your needs. You will be asked to move in typical ways; walking around the room, and sitting in a chair. This enables the therapist to see where your problems are and how your movement is impacted. You will be asked about the activities your typical day consists of and which movements cause pain. Once the therapist has assessed your situation, he or she will explain the recommended treatment and how many sessions you should expect to need. The therapist will also advise if you should see another practitioner, such as a doctor, but this is seldom required.

Physio for back pain in Knutsford will typically include a mixture of hands-on massage and laser or shockwave therapy. The machines used at John Griffiths are state of the art and the therapists are fully trained in their use. These modern machines are more effective than the ultrasound machine, the standard therapy normally used. They stimulate the natural healing mechanisms of the body and often mean that fewer physiotherapy sessions are needed. In some instances, the therapist will recommend exercises to be done at home that will help heal and strengthen your body. You could receive advice on how to perform everyday movements to prevent further damage and to promote your healing. Don’t let pain rule your life. Call John Griffiths to set up an initial assessment to see what can be done. For more information about physio for back pain, contact John Griffiths Physiotherapy.

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