Whiplash in Gawsworth

Whiplash in GawsworthWhiplash in Gawsworth can be a very painful condition. Luckily, with the team of specialised physiotherapists at John Griffiths Physiotherapy, you can be permanently relieved of your pain. This may take more than one visit and if necessary you can receive treatment at home. Different members of the team of male and female physiotherapists specialise in different injuries. You will be assessed before any treatment is applied. The team member most appropriate to your condition will ask you to walk around and sit down. From this observation, a great deal can be read about the problems you may have. The physiotherapist will discuss your difficulties and recommend a treatment or a series of different treatments depending on your condition.

In Gawsworth, whiplash does not mean a life of agony anymore. Depending on how severe the damage and to which areas of your body, there are a variety of machines and rehabilitation exercises, as well as a hydrotherapy pool available. This should cover just about any injury you may incur. After the assessment, you will be told what the prognosis is and what can be done to heal you. Sometimes it is a matter is keeping pain at bay as you may not be able to be cured. Even when you cannot be cured you can have a very good quality of life with advice on how to move and what not to do to allow a minimisation of pain and discomfort. This can also be helped by visits to the onsite gym. There you can go through the exercises recommended for your unique problem.

Whiplash in Gawsworth can be a frightening injury. The stiffness and pain can, over time, become unbearable so do not wait until it is making your life difficult. The sooner you receive treatment the easier and quicker the problem can be resolved. Sometimes the laser therapy or the shockwave therapy machines may be needed to increase the circulation and stimulate the body to help it heal quicker. Do not wait for the pain to rule your life. For assistance with whiplash, contact  John Griffiths Physiotherapy.

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