Hydrotherapy in Macclesfield

Hydrotherapy in MacclesfieldHydrotherapy in Macclesfield may be the treatment you require to address a condition you are experiencing. The right organisation to advise you if this is your optimal treatment, is John Griffiths Physiotherapy. This practice has a number of skilled therapists and facilities and can personalise a treatment for you. Some conditions can be helped in a single session. Some conditions may take several sessions and various rehabilitation interventions. Some things may not be curable, but could be managed through physiotherapy treatment. It is possible that you can address a problem through physiotherapy instead of having to undergo surgery. At John Griffiths you can be assured that you will receive honest advice about what is best for you.

In Macclesfield, hydrotherapy is offered by John Griffiths. A hydrotherapy pool situated near to the practice is used. There is a well-equipped on-site gym at the practice that is used to assist with rehabilitation. This gym is available to clients at no extra charge. If your treatment requires the use of a gym, you will be shown how to use the equipment correctly to assist with your healing. John Griffiths uses the latest technology and knowledge to treat clients. They also have a range of therapies complementary to physiotherapy, and these will be included in your treatment when appropriate.

Hydrotherapy in Macclesfield can be helpful for those suffering with neural disorders such as Cerebral Palsy and Parkinsons Disease. It is also useful for those recovering from knee surgery. Other injuries are treated in a variety of ways. John Griffiths has much experience in the successful treatment of sports injuries and they are the official physiotherapists for the Macclesfield Rugby Club. They use massage and manual techniques in the treatment of these types of injuries, as well as shockwave and laser technology. John Griffiths will prescribe the correct exercises you need to perform to heal and strengthen the body. At John Griffiths, there is no one size fits all approach. Every client is an individual and everyone needs a customised approach. When you need a physiotherapist, John Griffiths should be your first choice. For more information about hydrotherapy, contact John Griffiths.

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