Disc Problems in Congleton

Disc Problems in CongletonAre you experiencing disc problems in Congleton? John Griffiths is a physiotherapist practice that operates in the Macclesfield town centre. The company works with patients of all ages, with team members on staff specialising in various aspects of physiotherapy. Each client receives the full attention of the staff, and an emphasis is placed on quality care and delivering results. Appointments can be made throughout the day, including during the early hours and evenings. All clients benefit from free parking right outside the practice’s door.

In Congleton, disc problems can be treated by John Griffiths. All treatments start with an initial appointment, where you will be asked to walk around the room in a relaxed manner. The staff members at John Griffiths have found this to be a very efficient way of diagnosing any conditions at a first glance. After the initial consultation, you might undergo a more thorough checkup in order to diagnose any medical problems that might be lying beneath the surface. Depending on your problem, physiotherapy will deliver different results. In some cases, physiotherapy might remove the need for invasive surgery, while in others, it may replace the need for medication to keep symptoms at bay. Whatever the case may be, you will receive honest advice on what results you can realistically expect from your therapy sessions.

John Griffiths offers tailored programs for clients with disc problems in Congleton. Some clients can have their problem solved within one session, some need both massage and shockwave therapy, and others need laser therapy done over several sessions. Whatever the case may be, the physiotherapists will carefully assess your situation and suggest the appropriate course of action. In case your problem is too severe to be handled through physiotherapy, or if surgery might be necessary, they will let you know. However, in most cases, physiotherapy will do wonders for your disc problems, increasing your flexibility and reducing pain. To find out more about treatment for disc problems, or book an appointment, contact John Griffiths today.

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