Hydrotherapy in Cheadle

Hydrotherapy in CheadleHydrotherapy in Cheadle could be just what you need to improve your health and well-being. We are a small, highly qualified team of physiotherapists who each specialise in different aspects and areas of physiotherapy. We treat children as well as adults and elderly persons. At your first consultation, you will be individually assessed and a therapy regime will be recommended to suit you. There are no standard therapies as each case is different. We make a comprehensive and detailed study of your injury or problem. Many problems are completely curable, some however, are not. We will give you honest advice on your condition and likelihood of cure, as some conditions can never be cured but the symptoms can be kept in check with regular treatments. Physiotherapy can sometimes remove the need for an operation.

In Cheadle, hydrotherapy is just one of our many treatments. We would use it for recuperation from knee replacement operations and other joint replacements as well as people suffering with Parkinson’s disease or cerebral palsy. This beneficial treatment will take place as often as is necessary for your well-being. We use laser therapy and shockwave treatments as they increase blood supply and are very beneficial in speeding up the healing process. We also have an on-site rehabilitation gymnasium and this could be a major part of your treatment with various specific exercises prescribed for you. Your exercise regime will be carefully worked out by our physiotherapist and they will guide you through your sessions and ensure you get the full benefit from your individual program.

Hydrotherapy in Cheadle can be used along with other treatments for sports injuries. Our specialist physiotherapists can help you come back from a sports injury stronger and faster than before. Neck and back problems plague a large number of people and are one of the most debilitating conditions but these can be rectified to give you a much better quality of life. We use clinical hypnotherapy to cure patients of various problems like phobias and stress. For more information about hydrotherapy, contact John Griffiths Physiotherapy.

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