Physio Room in Rainow

physio room in RainowYou may need to find a good physio room in Rainow if you have suffered a sports injury or have chronic back and neck pain. A physiotherapist will do an assessment that involves looking at your injury or problem area and assessing it to determine the best treatment program to alleviate the pain. Walking around with chronic pain can affect your ability to complete daily tasks and can greatly diminish your quality of life. Getting the help you need to live pain-free, is absolutely necessary, so that you can get back to leading a happy, productive life.

In Rainow, physio room services are available at John Griffiths Physiotherapy. They will do an assessment of your situation and give you an honest opinion about how to solve the problem. You may only need one session. If you need more than one session, they will let you know what to expect and how you will be treated. After determining what the problem is, they will plan a treatment programme that is designed specifically for your needs. You will receive hands-on treatment by one of their skilled physiotherapists. They offer advanced therapies where needed, including laser therapy and shockwave therapy. This increases the blood supply to the affected area. Many of the conditions treated are completely curable, some are not. Each individual case is different. When you contact John Griffiths, you can make an appointment so they can assess your problem and find an appropriate solution.

The physio room in Rainow at John Griffiths, also contains an onsite gym and a hydrotherapy pool if this is recommended as part of your therapy. The sooner you seek treatment after an injury, the less damage that will be done and the quicker you can recover. If you have a chronic problem. They will set up an ongoing programme to help you cope with the situation without so much pain and discomfort. Contact John Griffiths to find out more about a physio room.

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