Sports Injury in Prestbury

Sports Injury in PrestburySports injury in Prestbury can be extremely painful physically. However they also take you away from an activity you enjoy that proves useful to stress relief. When that happens to you, go straightaway to John Griffiths Physiotherapy for a thorough evaluation of your injury. They have the best treatment plan. Our physiotherapist will prepare a treatment plan customised specifically for you that will bring healing to your sports injury. Our goal is the same as yours and that is to get you back to your sport fully healed. Our therapists are experienced with a full knowledge of anatomy and physiology. We are the official physiotherapists to Macclesfield Rugby Club so you can trust us with your sports injury.

In Prestbury, sports injury is often best healed using multiple treatments. Among the techniques we utilise are massage manipulation to help keep pain and swelling down and if it is a joint, maintain flexibility. The body heals itself so we do everything we know to assist and speed along that healing process. Laser and Shockwave therapy increase blood supply to your injury where it is needed for healing. We will include some stretching and flexibility exercises as soon as possible. When the healing has progressed sufficiently, strength and endurance exercises will be added to your regimen.

Sports injury in Prestbury will not heal overnight. If you rush back to your sport while you still feel weakness or pain in the injured part of your body, you will do further damage. That will add to the recovery time needed to get back to full strength and participation. Our physiotherapists will be able to explain to you what caused your injury, especially if the injury was gradual. With that in mind, they will be able to advise you about how to slowly and safely increase your participation in your sport. When you do return with full confidence and participation in your sport you will have gained some preventative knowledge from your therapists. Their expertise in how the body works enables them to instruct you on how to prevent a repeat of your injury. Contact John Griffiths Physiotherapy if you require help with a sports injury.

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