Foot Manipulation (FMT)

Foot Manipulation Therapy (FMT)
Foot Manipulation is based upon the premise that if joints align well they work better. This is built upon a sound knowledge of anatomy and the ability to know how much manipulation is required to either loosen or realign a joint. These manipulations take only moments and the effects in increased mobility are generally instantaneous. They generally require a course of treatments to achieve the optimum increase in mobility, This combined with Laser technology helps to reduce pain and inflammation
FMT works on a variety of patients from acute injuries to chronic long standing problems. Arthritic joints can sometimes achieve more motion and therefore a lessening of pain.
 I trained under Ted Jedynak who pioneered the techniques in Australia. I am one of only a few FMT practioners in the North West. FMT works well in combination with physiotherapy.
Mark J Hughan

HCPC registered
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