Foot Manipulation Specialist in Macclesfield

foot manipulation specialists in Macclesfield.Are you looking for a foot manipulation specialist in Macclesfield? Plantar fasciitis, or “jogger’s heel,” is a nasty disorder that inflames the plantar fascia. In other words, your heel swells up and it becomes painful to walk or in any way move your foot. That’s not a big deal right? It’s probably just a runner’s issue (it is called jogger’s heel after all). Well, that may not be the case. Plantar fasciitis affects many people who are flat-footed, or even people who stand a lot while at work. In fact, 10% of people suffer from plantar fasciitis at some point in their life.

If you currently have plantar fasciitis, and you are living in or around Macclesfield, a foot manipulation specialist is what you need. Mark Hughan, a local podiatrist in Macclesfied, offers special medical advice as well as Orthotics solutions. After consulting with Mark Hughan, or any other podiatrist, they will recommend an Orthotics solution to help increase mobility and reduce pain. Mark offers everything from simple insoles, to off the shelf and custom made Orthotics.

If you are looking for a foot manipulation specialist in Macclesfield, and an Orthotics solution isn’t enough, head to John Griffiths Physiotherapy. Based in the town centre, John Griffiths works with a wide range of ages and conditions. They offer a variety of treatments and therapies that are definitely going to benefit you. Their treatments are also as low as €50, so you won’t even have to worry about getting bankrupt to get better. There isn’t an excuse to have painful feet now. If you are suffering from plantar fasciitis, jogger or not, and you aren’t getting treatment, you need to head to John Griffiths Physiotherapy today. Your feet will thank you.

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