Sports Rehab Physio in Congleton

april 1John Griffiths Physiotherapy covers Sports Rehab Physio in Congleton with the practice based very conveniently in Macclesfield Town Centre. The fully qualified team provide comprehensive therapy for all and any sport injuries regardless of age or level of professionalism; from beginner to star athlete.

If you participate in any type of sport and have sustained an injury in Congleton, the Sports Rehab Physio at John Griffiths Physiotherapy will be the place to go. They provide detailed evaluations and treatment for any and all sports injuries. You’ll receive a personalized program of treatment that emphasizes on your specific injury.
So what differentiates a Sports Rehabilitation Physiotherapist? Firstly, a Sports Rehabilitation Physiotherapist has completed specialized courses and accomplished all related studies as to increase their expertise and continue to expand their knowledge in Sport Physiotherapy. Secondly, the Physiotherapist works with a set of techniques and methods to enhance performance. Thirdly, the Sports Physiotherapist uses special techniques such as mechanical, hydraulic, thermal and hands-on therapeutic exercises aimed at the most excellent outcome for the patient.

Sport Rehabilitation Physiotherapists incorporate comprehensive injury management care, including diagnosis of the injury, treatment and various techniques to encourage healing, rehabilitation management, identification of any problems that would result in re-injury, and sharing with the patient or team in order to assist in the future prevention and management of injuries. If you or your team require Sports Rehab Physio in Congleton, you will make the right decision to make your way down to Macclesfield Town Centre and pay John Griffiths Physiotherapy a visit. You will be happy you did!

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