Want Relief From Disc Problems in Macclesfield?

disc problems in MacclesfieldDo you have back pain and disc problems? In Macclesfield John Griffiths Physiotherapy is a team of experienced and qualified physiotherapists, who specialise in treating disc problems. Individuals who visit the centre for the first time will receive a thorough and detailed assessment of their physical ailment. Unlike traditional physio centers that require you to strip for a complete assessment, at John Griffiths Physiotherapy clients will be required to walk, sit, or run in place, in order to gauge the severity and complexity of the physical ailment. A personalised treatment plan will then ensue which may require the use of their onsite gym, hydrotherapy treatment, or other alternative treatments.

After participating in a local sporting event in Macclesfield, disc problems flared up for a gentleman in the form of lower back pain. He visited John Griffiths Physiotherapy for an assessment and treatment of his problem. After conducting a thorough assessment, it was determined that the gentleman had a herniated disc. The gentleman was already taking pain management medications upon the advice of his physician. The physiotherapist created a treatment plan that entailed a set of exercises which needed to be done at the center and at home, as well as ways to prevent this type of injury from occurring again in the future. When treatment began, many of the exercises were conducted at the center’s onsite gym under the guidance and care of a trained physiotherapist. Gradually, as the center visits were weaned, the gentleman started implementing the home exercises that were recommended to him by the physiotherapist.

Find out why John Griffiths Physiotherapy is sought after when it comes to treating disc problems in Macclesfield. They also specialize in services that target cardiovascular fitness, the respiratory system, the neuromuscular region, and alternative therapies such as hypnotherapy, and chiropody. For more information about how to treat disc problems, or for information about the centre’s services, alternative therapies, and their related costs, please contact them directly at 01625 432152.

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