Treating a Sports Injury in Bollington

sport injury in BollingtonBoys will be boys. But sometimes a grown man with a sports injury in Bollington will come to us having sustained an injury attempting feats that should be left to youngsters — or at least those who can still touch their toes! Or, in some cases even, those who can see their toes! At John Griffiths we see a wide variety of injuries, sprains and strains, including a recent visit from a man who’d exacerbated an old rugby injury while playing around on his teenage son’s skateboard. There’s very little we haven’t experienced or treated before, considering the fact that we’re the official therapists to the Macclesfield Rugby Club!

When one of our clients in Bollington had a sports injury recur due to a nasty fall, he was able to get personalized treatment designed to ensure that the affected part of the body will recover to the level it was before, if not stronger and more flexible. As long as men attempt to retain their boyish natures, we will be able to keep refining our already impeccable skills treating your body and getting you back up and doing what you do best.

In Bollington, your sports injury does not have to go untreated. Our tailor-made programs are compiled by our group of experienced and highly qualified physiotherapists who make use of the latest in technologies and treatments. We understand all too well that one of the worst things for a sportsman or woman is being unable to train — we help get you back to the sports field in the shortest time. We understand sportspeople and we understand the body. With our expert advice and guidance you’ll get the best treatment. Before that niggling injury of yours gets any worse, why not book an initial assessment and see how we can help you. Call now on 01625 432152 or find out more on our website.

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